Regarding the hardwood floors. This is our third project with Johnnie Duciuc, owner of Eurocraft Hardwood Floors. The first two were investment properties; repairing and refinishing a narrow slat red oak floor in 2004; blending in a new floor and refinishing the remainder of a house in 2005; and now a new floor in our remodeled home. We bought our 940 sf Kirkland cottage in 2006 and have recently added 820 sf of daytime living space to the south side.
It is a “great room” that blends into the entry hall and bedroom wing. The space is light and airy with a 14 foot vaulted ceiling, lots of glass east and west, and southern windows high up in the gable end. We called Johnnie last year and made plans for the final product; 4″ wide “rustic” white oak from Wisconsin. Johnnie is an expert. He uses the best “green” finishing materials, sophisticated specifications and great performance. He is a good judge of our tastes and color palate, making helpful suggestions. His crew is expert in the installation of the floors. Glue (in our case), wood nailing, sanding and finishing. All done with the most efficient dust filtering equipment imaginable. The wood was delivered for “climatization”, installed and finished on time and at our agreed price. His invoices are easy to read and mathematically accurate. We paid 45% upfront for the wood, 45% upon completion of the second finish coat, and then the last 10% upon completion of the final coat. Yes, there coats. The first tow go down and then we covered the entire floor with Ram Board while the kitchen and counter tops were installed – “just in case”. Bottom line? The floor looks great! The service was great! Would I recommend Eurocraft Hardwood Floors to my friend and family? Yes! I already have.
Regarding the kitchen count tops. We have installed plastic laminate, ceramic tiles, granite tiles in our kitchens over the years. This time we wanted something different. Granite slabs feel cold so we settled on soapstone. We began our search for a stone fabricator and a soapstone source. Both difficult tasks. And then Johnnie suggested his new business associate Ioan Costetchi, a stone fabricator expert in the design, templating and installation of soapstone (not to mention the other materials). Ioan came to our home to survey the kitchen. The next time we met, Ioan had already reserved two large slabs at Crocodile Rocks in Kenmore,WA (another great local business). The matching stones contained deep jade tones in contract to most gray tone stones we’ve seen. Just what we wanted. Ioan is knowledgeable, easy to talk to, proactive on our behalf, so we agreed upon a price and signed up. On his next visit Ioan carefully created templates of every nook, cranny, angle and dimension of our perimeter counters and island. On the final visit he and his associate carefully delivered and installed the stones, drilled faucet holes without injury or damage. The end result is the finest counter tops we have ever had. Durable, impervious to stains, matte finish, soft to the touch, gorgeous in its “dry” state (lots of grays and movement) and even more so when oiled (that’s when the green jade colors pop out). This was a job well planned and executed to our satisfaction. Ioan is a great addition to the Eurocraft business. I will gladly recommend this craftsman to others!